Earn money by testing apps and completing tasks. This is a awesome app to earn extra money during your down time. Start app testing today.

Is iMoney Legit? Earn Money by Testing Apps

Updated April 26, 2020

If you are looking for an app that you can earn fast cash with and is easy, you’ve come to the right place.  iMoney is exactly that, you will receive money after each app that you test and it only takes three minutes. Money Under the Cushion is always searching for apps that you can earn money on your phone with while doing nothing, and iMoney is rated highly for that attribute. You may be wondering if iMoney is legit? The answer is YES, complete your first app test today and starting earning extra money..


What we'll cover:


Earning Potential

The ease of iMoney combined with the ability to earn money for each app you test and the generous referral program gives iMoney a 4.5 rating overall.  


iMoney is an app that pays you for each app that you test. Testing is easy and simple, all you have to do is be in the app for three minutes to collect your payout. It may sound too good to be true, but the earnings are real and the different bonuses allow users to make money quickly.

Being an app tester may sound like a lot of work and not what you’re looking for in an extra money app, but it is super easy! I have been app testing for about a week now and have made over $30. I would like to point out that $12 were earned while watching a couple of NBA playoff games … not exactly my childhood dream of making money by playing basketball, but I would say it is a close second.  

The structure of the app is very simple, complete the required steps in the task and receive the associated reward. Which, in my experience has been in the range of 20 cents to 35 cents. Now, the downloadable app does not match the name “iMONEY” (current app name is “Days Taker”), this made me a little leery and sketched out at first and wondered if iMoney was legit? However, after reaching $5, I requested a payout and received the money as documented in a couple of days in my PayPal account (see proof of payment below). If you’re looking for an app that you can make money with while seating on the couch watching TV, this is your app. Earn a dollar or two a day and you’re looking at $500 in year, not bad huh?



  1. Download the app and set up your account (current app name is “Days Taker”). Link for bonus: iMoney App
  2. Once your account is set up, available tasks will be displayed on the home screen, along with the associated reward.
  3. After accepting the task, there are several steps involved to receive the reward:

 a. Copy and Paste the provided keyword into the app store

 b. Find the app in the app store, iMoney does provide the approximate search ranking of the app, which helps to know far you will need to scroll.

 c. Once the app has downloaded, go back to the iMoney app and hit “Open App”. The app involved with the task will automatically open   

d. “Test” the app for three minutes. All that is required is to be in the app, if you so choose you  can actually use and try out the app, but to receive the reward for the task, the app just needs to be open for three minutes.


Helpful tip – iMoney knows when you complete the steps in the task by your interaction with their app, so always use their linked buttons to complete the steps (i.e. Download App, Open App). Also, keep the iMoney app open throughout the task process.



  1. Complete 10 tasks to receive a $2 bonus. Link for bonus: iMoney App
  2. Try to check for available tasks at 8am EST. You will notice that there are not always tasks available. Task are updated around 8am EST each day and it is a first come first serve basis, as there is a limit to how many people can complete each task.
  3. Refer friends and family for up to a $10 bonus per referral. For each referral that completes their first task, you will receive $2. Going forward for each task that is completed by your referral you will receive 50 cents ($10 max earnings).
  4. Be on the lookout for special bonus opportunities – extra incentive to refer your friends and family.  Join the facebook page iMoney to stay in know of these opportunities.


Yes, iMoney is legit.  The photo proof of payment above should help ease your worries that this app may be too good to be true, but it is real. If you join the facebook page, the moderators for the iMoney page are responsive and quick to address any concerns or issues you may have while using the app.  

Don’t let the app name changes or the different language characters at times make you miss out on this opportunity to earn money on your phone, in a pretty easy way.


Some money earning apps require a lot of effort or make you buy something in order to earn money. iMoney requires neither, all it requires is the time to do the app testing, which only involves hitting a few buttons and can be done while relaxing, watching t.v., car rides, etc. 

iMoney loves new users as their agreements with the companies are based on number of unique people testing the app, so your earning potential is highest when you first download the app. This translates to be able to earn money fast in the beginning. As you test more and more apps there will be less to test, but share with your friends and family to receive up to $10 per referral. 

To conclude, yes iMoney is worth it…there are not very many apps out there like iMoney so don’t miss your opportunity to earn with this app!


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